Case Study


Overview of a web design project

Project Overview

TeamX Tec introduces a sophisticated e-commerce solution for ZUES, seamlessly integrating web and mobile applications to deliver an optimal digital shopping experience. The project focuses on user-friendly registration, a responsive UI, and diverse payment methods. Users can make use of discount coupons and opt for cash payments upon arrival for added flexibility.


In-depth research was conducted to understand ZUES’s specific requirements and align with user preferences in e-commerce platforms, identifying key features for enhanced user convenience.

Technologies Used

The technology stack features React.js and Next.js for robust frontend development, ensuring a responsive and dynamic user interface. The backend utilizes Node.js and Nest.js for scalability and efficiency. MongoDB serves as the database, Redis for caching, and Docker for seamless deployment.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design prioritizes a user-friendly interface, leveraging the capabilities of React.js and Next.js for engaging graphics and modern aesthetics.


ZUES is built on advanced technologies, including React.js and Next.js for front-end development, ensuring an intuitive and interactive user interface. The backend is developed with Node.js and Nest.js, ensuring efficiency and scalability. MongoDB is employed for database management, Redis for caching, and Docker for streamlined deployment.

Q/A Testing

Rigorous quality assurance testing covers usability, security, and overall reliability, ensuring the correct functioning of the system.

User Acceptance

User feedback is actively collected and incorporated to refine the system, aligning it with user preferences and expectations for an optimized experience.


After successful testing and refinement, the platform is deployed using Docker for efficient and reliable deployment, ensuring accessibility for users, vendors, and brokers.


The ZUES project leverages cutting-edge technologies, including React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Nest.js, MongoDB, Redis, and Docker, to provide a comprehensive and efficient e-commerce solution. TeamX Tec’s dedication to user-centric design and technology integration results in a platform that meets the diverse needs of all stakeholders, marking the successful completion of the project.

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