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Yousif Al-Sharif & Co. | Advocates & Legal Consultants

Overview of a web design project

Project Overview

Yousif Al-Sharif & Co., which is led by Chairman Dr. Yousif Al-Sharif, is a team of legal professionals with over 25 years of experience in law. To reflect their esteemed reputation and enhance their online presence and client engagement, our Teamx tec took on the challenge of developing a dynamic, bilingual (English and Arabic) website for Yousif Al-Sharif & Co., utilizing the latest technologies.

UI/UX Design

Figma played a pivotal role in crafting a user-friendly and visually appealing UI design. The goal was to seamlessly showcase Yousif Al-Sharif & Co. practice areas, making it easy for clients to explore the comprehensive range of legal services offered. The bilingual aspect was incorporated seamlessly to enhance accessibility for both English and Arabic-speaking users.


We in Teamx Tec conducted thorough research to align the website with Yousif Al-Sharif & Co. vision, taking into consideration their extensive experience in law and their commitment to excellence. Our focus was on their diverse practice areas, which include family law, property law, maritime law, commercial law, sports law, legal opinions, criminal law, labor law, drafting contracts, intellectual property, and private notary services, to ensure that the website caters to the needs of clients seeking legal services in any of these areas.


The development phase involved creating the website from scratch, ensuring it remained dynamic to accommodate Yousif Al-Sharif & Co. evolving legal landscape. Agile project management methodologies were employed, facilitating a swift and efficient development process.

Q/A Testing

A rigorous quality assurance process was implemented to ensure the website’s functionality, responsiveness, and bilingual features met the highest standards. Thorough testing was conducted to identify and resolve any potential issues.

User Acceptance

During user acceptance testing, Yousif Al-Sharif & Co. provided valuable feedback to refine the website and meet specific requirements.


After successful testing and client approval, the website was deployed. This marked a significant milestone in Yousif Al-Sharif & Co. digital presence.


Due to the project’s straightforward nature, the development process encountered minimal challenges. The smooth collaboration between Yousif Al-Sharif & Co. and our Teamx Tec underscored the simplicity of implementation.


Teamx tec collaborated with Yousif Al-Sharif & Co., Advocates & Legal Consultants to create a bilingual website that expands its global legal services and provides clients with a user-friendly platform. Our innovative solution reflects their extensive legal expertise and reinforces their position as an industry leader.

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