Case Study


Overview of a web design project

Project Overview

In collaboration with Hatly, TeamX Tec undertook the development of a comprehensive system encompassing mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, catering to users and drivers, along with vendor and super admin panels. Additionally, an informative website was created to guide customers to download the mobile apps. The project aimed to streamline the order and delivery process of various items.


Research efforts were focused on understanding the dynamics of on-demand service delivery, user preferences, and the operational requirements of both users and drivers. The goal was to create a system that ensures efficiency and a seamless user experience.

Technologies Used

The development stack involved technologies tailored for mobile application development, including platforms for iOS and Android. A responsive and optimized user interface was achieved through the use of modern design frameworks. Technologies such as GPS navigation, real-time tracking, and secure payment gateways were integrated to enhance functionality.

UI/UX Design

The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design prioritized a high-definition, user-friendly interface with low-latency graphics. The design aimed to provide an intuitive and visually appealing experience for both users and drivers.


The development phase included the implementation of key features such as registration, search functionalities, live tracking, notifications, order history, and order cancellation for the Users Mobile Application. The Drivers Mobile Application incorporated features like order acceptance, availability toggling, navigation, and order completion. Vendor and Super Admin Panels were developed with functionalities such as product management, user and vendor management, analytics dashboards, and earnings management.

Q/A Testing

A robust Quality Assurance (Q/A) testing process was implemented to ensure the reliability and functionality of the mobile applications and panels. Testing included scenario-based evaluations, functionality checks, and compatibility assessments.

User Acceptance

User acceptance testing involved inviting users to interact with the mobile applications and panels, providing insights to refine and optimize the system. Feedback from users and stakeholders played a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience.


Upon successful testing and refinements, the mobile applications and panels were deployed for users, drivers, vendors, and super admins. The deployment process was carefully executed to ensure a smooth transition to the live environment.


The completion of the Hatly project underscores TeamX Tec’s ability to deliver comprehensive and user-centric solutions in the on-demand service sector. The developed system empowers users, drivers, and vendors with efficient tools, enhancing the overall delivery experience. The collaboration with Hatly resulted in a dynamic and versatile solution that addresses the complexities of on-demand service delivery.

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