Case Study

Dog Tv Chicken By Maria Foods

Overview of a web design project

Project Overview

Maria Foods is a prominent food business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE, that wants to develop its user mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms where they can sell their ready-to-cook and 100% Halal whole Roasted Chicken. They partnered with Teamx Tec to achieve this goal. The project was indeed a challenge for us, as we faced some major Challenges during the completion of this whole project. In this case study, we will delve into the project’s phases, key technologies used, and the unique solutions that were employed.

Project Objective

Maria Foods had several key objectives for this project:
  • To provide ready-to-cook roasted chicken at every doorstep.
  • Division of stock and orders, along with proper management.
  • To develop a user-friendly interface for a seamless customer experience.
  • To simplify registration and login processes for convenience.
  • To create an automated system for delivery and proper management of advance delivery orders.
  • Create a powerful admin panel for complete control over the platform.

Technology Used

Our development team is well-skilled in delivering cutting-edge technologies for every project, just as we have done for this one. We have used the following technologies:
  • For Android app development, we utilized Android Studio as our official IDE (Integrated Development Environment), embraced the modern Kotlin programming language for its seamless integration with Java, implemented Android Architecture Components (ViewModel, LiveData, Room Database) for robust data management, and crafted intuitive user interfaces with XML layouts, ViewBinding, and RecyclerView. For efficient networking, we integrated Retrofit and OkHttp, ensuring streamlined communication with external servers.
  • In iOS app development, we expertly used Xcode as the official IDE and crafted responsive interfaces with UIKit, Storyboards, and AutoLayout. Proficient in Swift, we ensured efficiency in iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS application development.
  • For creating an aesthetically appealing UI design, we use Figma.
  • The technology used for backend development was PHP and Laravel.
  • While keeping an eye on the latest innovations, we used React and Next.js for front-end development.
  • The database system was developed through MySQL, and Stripe was used as a payment gateway.


To overcome these challenges, TeamX Tec provided a comprehensive solution:
  • Extensive market research and competitor analysis to inform project direction.
  • Meeting the deadline in a short period.
  • Responsive and optimized UI design for an enjoyable user experience.
  • Streamlined registration, shopping, and order management processes.
  • Successful rollout of the platform across various devices and platforms.

Unique Solutions

TeamX Tec introduced several unique solutions to meet the client’s expectations, including:
  • Our development system was dynamic and customizable for the client according to their needs.
  • Proper stock, product, and order management.
  • We provide a complete automated delivery system along with a track record of scheduled deliveries to clients.
  • The client can also extract their order records and stock figures. delivery schedules in different report formats (xls or sheets) directly.

Project Management

An agile project management approach was adopted, with phases including UI/UX design, front-end development, and back-end development. Timely client approvals were sought at each stage.


TeamX Tec achieves all the goals within the time duration provided by the client, and our work has a great influence on the business growth of Maria Foods. A few major impacts we see are:
  • Maria Foods’ online presence was enhanced, resulting in increased brand recognition and profitability.
  • Customers now enjoy an efficient and modern online food delivery service.
  • The admin panel granted Maria Foods unprecedented control and insight into its operations.


Maria Foods and TeamX Tec are working together to improve and expand the platform with new features, enhanced user experience, and exploring opportunities to expand geographically. This project is a great example of how a traditional business can transform into an e-commerce platform, setting a new standard in the food delivery industry. TeamX Tec learned to meet short deadlines and the importance of effective communication during the project.

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