Case Study

Al Barjeel News

Overview of a web design project

Project Overview

Al-Barjeel is an online newspaper based in UAE, They collaborated with TeamX Tec to create their Bilingual Website. It involves the development of a comprehensive news aggregation website with two distinct subsystems: one for users and another for administrators. This platform aims to gather news from various sources, providing users with a seamless and informative reading experience.

Project Objectives

There were some specific objectives to initiate this project, some of which are given below
  • Create a bilingual website in Arabic and English.
  • Equip administrators with a dynamic control panel for managing news articles, website sections, and overall content.
  • Incorporate theme management for consistent article publishing across social media.
  • Offer analytics through an admin dashboard, tracking user preferences and favorite topics.
  • Enable admin control over sharing preferences and sources of news articles.
  • Facilitate user-followed sections, newsletters, and downloadable content options.
  • Implement a permission hierarchy for administrators based on their roles.
  • Display live channels and breaking news prominently.
  • Provide features for downloading news articles, including PDF format and JPG headlines.
  • Technologies Used

    The UI/UX design for the website was done by Figma, development for the backend was done by Laravel, and Frontend development was done by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js


    Navigating the intricacies of developing Al Barjeel posed specific challenges that demanded strategic problem-solving and showcased TeamX Tec’s resilience and adaptability. The hurdles encountered included:
    • Multilingual Integration: Balancing the delivery of news content in both English and Arabic, ensuring a seamless and distinct experience for users in each language.
    • Content Anonymity: Concealing the sources of aggregated content from external platforms, challenging the integration of diverse media forms without compromising transparency.
    • Dynamic Theme Management: Implementing a system that allows administrators to manage and customize themes for publishing news articles across various social media platforms while ensuring compatibility
    • Time Zone Customization: Adapting the website layout to accommodate different time zones globally, providing users with relevant and timely news content based on their geographical location.
    • User Permissions and Roles: Improved news management and publication through a nuanced administrator permission hierarchy.

    Provided Solution

    As part of our commitment to overcoming challenges, TeamX Tec provided innovative solutions that were specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of Al Barjeel. Our team’s expertise and problem-solving approach ensured that the client’s needs were not only met but exceeded. Here is an overview of the general solutions that we provided:
    • Implemented a seamless language integration system, offering distinct news content for both English and Arabic audiences.
    • Devised a method to aggregate content from external platforms while maintaining anonymity, ensuring a diverse range of media forms without revealing sources.
    • Introduced a user-friendly system empowering administrators to manage and customize themes for efficient news article publication across social media platforms.
    • Developed an adaptive website layout, automatically adjusting to users’ geographical locations to provide timely and relevant news content.
    • Established a nuanced permission hierarchy, enabling administrators to seamlessly control various aspects of news management and publication.

    Unique Solutions

    In software solutions, it’s not solely about the features; it’s about creating unique solutions that turn imagination into reality. Here’s a sneak peek into the bespoke excellence we offer:
    • Effortless User Registration: Our solution is to facilitate user registration through mobile number or email with verification. This ensures secure and stress-free sign-up.
    • Guest User Feature: For an impressive user experience, we offer a guest browsing feature without the need for account creation. It’s more than just browsing; it’s a sneak peek that leaves a lasting impression.
    • Responsive UI with HD Graphics: Your platform’s visual appeal is important. We developed a responsive and optimized UI to support high-definition graphics for an immersive user experience.
    • Robust Search Functionality: Our solution involves implementing a robust search functionality, enabling users to find specific articles effortlessly. It’s not just search; it’s instant access to what matters.
    In essence, the priority is to provide solutions that meet business needs and aspirations. Features are secondary.

    Project Management

    Agile methodology was adopted to ensure flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements.


    Successful deployment of a multilingual, feature-rich news aggregation website meeting client requirements.


    The development and deployment of the news website Al-Barjeel was a successful project that showcased the team’s commitment to meeting challenging deadlines while providing innovative and user-friendly solutions. Throughout the process, the team learned the importance of adaptability and the need for a dynamic system that includes transparency and disclaimers regarding potential third-party integration challenges. The unique features implemented, such as content anonymity and theme management, contribute to the platform’s distinct identity. The team remains dedicated to addressing potential challenges and ensuring the website’s continued success in the dynamic landscape of online news aggregation.

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