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I'm frequently asked how to effectively manage multiple brands in the same market segment. The key is to recognize and emphasize each brand's unique identity, characteristics, and marketing needs. By tailoring your approach and implementing separate marketing strategies for each brand, you can maximize your chances of success in the market.


It's a common question, and the answer depends on your business goals and brand identities. Combining brands can create efficiencies and a comprehensive customer experience, while keeping them separate can maintain uniqueness and targeted marketing efforts. Careful consideration of pros and cons can lead to an informed decision.


Careful planning and execution are crucial for successful multi-brand strategies, especially with a parent brand. Start by defining the parent brand's values and target audience before creating sub-brands. Each sub-brand should have a unique identity and marketing plan, but still align with the parent brand in some way. Regular evaluation and adjustment of the multi-brand strategy are essential for maintaining a cohesive brand ecosystem and driving business growth.


What is multibrand?

Multi-brand add-on enables you to manage more than one brand at the same time. Each brand is characterized by multiple factors, which define it’s identity. These factors are email support addresses, Help Center, various widgets and plugins. Social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter, also help you form your brand.

What Is a Multi-Branding Strategy?

The multi-branding strategy refers to the company’s approach to introducing different brands or products within the same market segment under a different or same company name. For instance, Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsUp which are both mobile applications but don’t have the name mentioned in the brand’s title. Another example is FedEx that uses its brand in the title of each separate service such as FedEx Cargo, FedEx Office, etc.

How to Manage Multiple Brands to Succeed?

The advice here is clear and straightforward – marketing strategy for different brands should be created and implemented separately. When you introduce a new product to the market, it doesn’t mean that the marketing approach for your previous release will work. Here are some steps to follow with your multi-branding marketing.

Multi-Brand Digital Initiatives:

Multi-Brand Digital Initiatives: Thinking Web System, Not Web Site


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